Small Foot


Upprunalegt verð 2.490 ISK
Upprunalegt verð Tilboðsverð 2.490 ISK

Fallegt viðarpúsl með safari dýramyndum. Sebrahestur, ljón, gíraffi og fleiri dýr sem börn læra snemma að þekkja.

  • Stærð: 30 x 21,5 x 1 cm

The aim of this wooden puzzle is to put the seven savannah animals into their matching shapes. In the process, children not only train their motor skills and shape recognition, they are also required to show concentration and patience. The safari motifs in trendy colours and the many details make this puzzle equally appealing to parents and children.
Through the cheerful safari motifs in trendy colors and many loving details, the puzzle convinces parents and children alike. With this special puzzle, they do a trip to the habitat of giraffe, zebra, elephant and Co. is twice as much fun!
This puzzle is part of the "Safari" product group and impresses customers with its highly visible wood material, the high-quality printed illustrations, and the modern colour scheme with absolute trend colours. It's an absolute must-have for all safari fans which belongs in every wooden toy and motor activity assortment.