Small Foot


Upprunalegt verð 8.990 ISK
Upprunalegt verð Tilboðsverð 8.990 ISK

Fullt af verkfærum fyrir krakka sem virkilega vilja verða smiðir. Borvél, hamar, töng, skiptilykill, hallamál og ýmis smááhöld.

  • Taskan sjálf er 33 x 27 x 6,5 cm
  • Hamarinn er 18 x 8 x 6,5 cm

Toolbox "Nordic"

Now the do-it-yourself projects can really get started! With this wooden toolbox in a Scandinavian design, young craftsmen will really become pros. The richly detailed accessory parts such as a ruler with an integrated spirit level and a handy cordless screwdriver with bits that can be swapped out with the help of magnets, all their wishes will be fulfiled! Incl. numerous accessories. Accessories consisting of 5 tools, 1 drill, 3 bits, 11 screws, 11 nuts and 12 perforated strips. The clip fasteners allow everything to be stored safely and with the wooden carrying handles the tool box for boys and girls is ready for the next DIY use.