Small Foot


Upprunalegt verð 3.745 ISK
Upprunalegt verð 7.490 ISK Tilboðsverð 3.745 ISK

Jafnvægisbretti úr tré ásamt tveimur kúlum sem hægt er að festa undir brettið á mismunandi stöðum. Með því að færa kúlurnar til breytast eiginleikar brettisin, barnið fær nýjar áskoranir og þjálfast í mismunandi hreyfingum.

  • Þvermál 34 cm
  • Hæð ca 7,5cm
  • Hámarksþyng 30kg
  • Aldur: 5+

Balance Board "Adventure"

This stable wooden balance board combines movement exercise with fun! The difficulty level can be adjusted via the two wooden balls that can be screwed into different positions on the underside of the board. This challenges and trains body tension and balance in different ways! The round shape of the board provides plenty of standing space. Either one or both of the wooden balls can be installed in the middle or on the sides of the underside of the board. Alternatively, both wooden balls can be attached at the outermost points so that the balance board can be customised according to the children's abilities and age. And this is particularly practical: the balance board is usable individually or as a part of a creative obstacle course comprised of exercise toys from the "Adventure" product line. The basic design, simple shapes, and high amount of natural wood allow this board to be easily integrated into any living room or nursery space! Also suitable for therapeutic purposes!