Small Foot


Upprunalegt verð 15.990 ISK
Upprunalegt verð Tilboðsverð 15.990 ISK

Göngugrindin hjálpar barninu að þjálfa hreyfifærni en hún er einnig fjölbreytt leiktæki og hirsla. Í gogginum og neðstu grindin er mikið geymslupláss fyrir kubba og smádót. Á dekkjunum er gúmmí til að vernda gólf og draga úr hávaða og framdekkin gefa frá sér skemmtileg hljóð þegar grindinni er ýtt. Virkilega vönduð og skemmtileg göngugrind.

Toucan Baby Walker

This extraordinary baby walker in a toucan look offers a full serving of playing and learning fun on three playable sides while they make their first steps with their exotic walking friend. With a horn, a shape-fitting game, a sliding maze, gears and butterfly valves, it also trains fine motor skills. The beak as well as the bottom shelf offers plenty of space for wooden building blocks that look like plumage, insertable elements, or other toys. And here's the absolute highlight: the waddling feet on the front wheels make a funny sound when the walker is pushed!This baby walker impresses customers with its highly visible proportion of wood material used and with a continuous, sophisticated design concept. The triangle shape and the materials of laminated wood and solid wood guarantee high stability in the side parts and the grip. The basket fabric can be washed or cleaned with a damp cloth. It's a practical play companion for novice walkers which makes an impression on both young and old with its appealing and exotic design.